Center of Biomedical Research Excellence


Center of Biomedical Research Excellence


COBRE (NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence):

Roger Williams Medical Center has a long tradition of excellence in research that benefits patients in a very direct and tangible way. The NIH Center of Biomedical Research Excellence (COBRE) is a prime example of this long-standing tradition.

Goals of COBRE:

  1. To continue to develop and sustain a center of research excellence in tissue repair. We foster a scientific climate characterized by a strong multidisciplinary approach and the rapid evaluation of potential therapeutic targets based on novel findings.
  2. To be a leading center in the training of junior investigators in the field of tissue repair. We mentor junior scientists and nurture their career by a balanced approach of developing fruitful scientific opportunities. We facilitate the career and development of each investigator's own unique niche that will lead to scientific independence.
  3. To sustain a multi-institutional dimension to our center of excellence in tissue repair. While strengthening the research base at our own institution, we use the multidisciplinary theme of tissue repair to continue to link to other research institutions and scientists within the state, and elsewhere. Ultimately, a major goal is to create a multi-institutional network of scientists with a focus on tissue repair.


Principal Investigator:

Vincent Falanga, MD, FACP


External Advisory Committee:

Jeffrey Davidson, PhD

Jeffrey Davidson, PhD
  • Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN

Elof Eriksson, MD, PhD

Elof Eriksson, MD, PhD
  • Harvard University and Brigham and Women Hospital Boston, MA

Robert Lavker, PhD

Robert Lavker, PhD
  • Northwestern University - Chicago, IL

John Rossi, PhD

John Rossi, PhD
  • City of Hope - Duarte, CA

Robert Tigelaar, MD

Robert Tigelaar, MD
  • Yale University - New Haven, CT

Executive Committee:

  • Vincent Falanga, MD (Principal Investigator and mentor)
  • Kenneth Belcher (CEO, Roger Williams Medical Center)
  • Karen Geremia (Research Administration, Roger Williams Medical Center)
  • Richard Junghans, MD, PhD (Mentor, Roger Williams Medical Center)
  • Marshall Kadin, MD (Mentor and Core Director, Roger Williams Medical Center
  • Nicola Kouttab, PhD (Core Director, Roger Williams Medical Center)
  • Kim O'Connell (Vice-President for Research, Roger Williams Medical Center)
  • Zahir Shaikh, PhD (Director of RI BRIN/INBRE program, University of Rhode Island)
  • Yinsheng Wan, PhD (Providence College)

Contact Information

Polly Carson, COBRE Program

COBREĀ is funded through grant number P20 RR018757 by NIH/National Center for Research Resources.

  • 825 Chalkstone Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02908
  • directions
  • 401-456-2000

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