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Dermatology Residency Research/Fellows


Research provides an important link in the training experience, and all residents are required to participate. By the end of their first year, residents should start focusing on a research project, which can be presented for advice and discussion at the annual departmental research day.

Second year residents are expected to be well on their way to reaching a critical mass of data for their research project. By the time they graduate from the program, residents will have submitted for publication to a peer-reviewed journal a manuscript based on their research project.



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Resident Manuscripts and Research Projects in Progress

  • Tamara Lazic – Orlistat-induced bullous LCV – Submitted Cutis
  • Heidi Anderson – Forming an effective relationship with dermatologic surgery patients – To be submitted - Dermatology Surgery
  • Heidi Anderson – Stem cells in dermatology surgery – In progress
  • Jessica Kirk – Needlesticks in dermatology residents – In progress
  • Jessica Kirk – Immunostaining of lentigo maligna – In progress
  • Jaymie Panuncialman & Christina Cernik – New method for digital planimetry – In progress
  • Heiner D, Panuncialman J-, Zsolt A, et al. Immunophenotypic profiles of conjunctival primary acquired melanosis and cutaneous in situ melanoma are similar. In final stages of manuscript preparation.


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