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Balanced Approach

The rheumatology fellowship is designed to balance reading, research and learning with patient care. Fellows are usually assigned to be in clinic one-half of each day, leaving one-half of each day available for academic activity and consults. The consult load is usually between one and eight per week depending on the hospital rotation.

The schedule also contains blocks of protected time for research and for elective experience outside the rheumatology division. Fellows are on call every fifth weekend, during which they may be asked to see an average of one or two consults and answer several phone calls. Weekday night call is taken by the fellow assigned to the Roger Williams and Rhode Island Hospital rotations; calls are infrequent.

The consults which we are asked to see outside the usual working hours often provide the best opportunities for experience with the performance of diagnostic arthrocentesis and present diagnostic and therapeutic challenges which contribute greatly to the fellows' educational experience. Attending coverage is scheduled on an every seventh weekend rotation, ensuring that fellows have the opportunity to learn from each faculty member. We promote teamwork and provide a collegial atmosphere, which we believe enhances productivity and makes the fellowship an enjoyable educational experience.