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Internal Medicine PGY 4 - Chief Medical Resident

Nadeem Mohammed

a) Born and raised: I was born in a small city called Tiruchirappalli (try pronouncing that) in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. Grew up in the beautiful and bustling suburbs of the city of Bombay (now Mumbai), India.

b) Medical School : Rural Medical College of Pravara Medical Trust, Loni, Maharashtra, India.

c) What do you like most about RWMC? Several things. The people here are super friendly, fun loving and you really feel like you are part of one big family. Being a mid sized program, we get to work closely and often individually with most attendings. Residents also get a lot of autonomy, which I really appreciate. The camaraderie amongst the house staff is just special and something I love and look forward to when coming in to work everyday. Lastly, and most importantly our PD, Dr. Sapers has been brilliant, super approachable, friendly and extremely encouraging.

d) What do you like most about living in RI? I’ve always lived in a coastal place all my life and that’s something I love most about RI. Being part of New England, I love the changing seasons and the excitement that each season brings with it. There are many weekend getaways pretty close to RI for any season. Providence is a beautiful small city, particularly the Downtown and Eastside areas. The quality and variety of food, be it fine dining or ‘hole in the wall’ places is unbelievably good.

e) Favorite place to eat in RI/Providence: Brunch at Kitchen and Nick’s on Broadway.

Some of the other restaurants that I really like are Oberlin, North, The Duck and Bunny (a quaint little creperie that makes the most delightful and interesting crepes), Man-O-Salwa (Authentic Pakistani/North Indian food), Godavari (South Indian – the spice is real).

f) Hobbies: Reading, Writing, playing and watching cricket, football (soccer), tennis, badminton and ping pong. Love playing board games. Traveling, exploring different cultures and foods. Watching movies, Netflix bingeing etc.

g) Future plans: Either do a Fellowship in Cardiology or staying in Internal Medicine.

h) If not a doctor: Most likely a screenplay writer/director in the movies/TV or a copywriter or travel/food/sports journalist.