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Roger Williams now offering Fibroscan, a non-invasive alternative to liver biopsy

Roger Williams Medical Center is now utilizing FDA-approved technology that provides a non-invasive examination to assess liver fibrosis. Fibroscan is a diagnostic tool that uses advanced ultrasound technology to determine the presence and extent of fibrosis -- or scarring -- of the liver in a patient.

Experts say about one in 10 Americans have some form of liver disease like hepatitis, cirrhosis or cancer. Many of those patients typically undergo a core needle biopsy procedure, which is invasive and can be painful. Fibroscan offers a different option. FibroScan can be a highly useful tool for physicians in the clinical management of patients with liver disease.

The technology holds many advantages over a liver biopsy for many liver diseases. It is non-invasive, risk-free, and requires no sedation. A typical test using Fibroscan takes less than 10 minutes and is performed by radiology staff at Roger Williams.

“Fibroscan allows us to quickly assess scarring (fibrosis) level in fatty liver disease and vital hepatitis,” said Dr. Alan Epstein, Director of Gastroenterology at Roger Williams. Physicians interested in more information on Fibroscan can contact Dr. Epstein at 456-2309 or Dr. Mark Ridlen, Chairman of Diagnostic Imaging at Roger Williams, at 456-2204.