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Roger Williams seeking patients for investigational drug in alcohol trial

Roger Williams Medical Center is seeking patients for a clinical trial examining the effects of an investigational drug called GET 73 on alcohol-dependent individuals who are not currently seeking treatment. The primary objectives of the trial are to examine the effects and safety profile of GET73, while evaluating whether it results in a diminished urge to drink and decreased consumption of alcohol vs. a placebo.

Participants will be evaluated mainly in the inpatient setting during the trial, which will involve two inpatient stays of three days, and are compensated up to $1,223.00 for their time. The primary investigator on the trial is Dr. Robert Swift, who has held a number of roles at Roger Williams including Psychiatrist-In-Chief.

For more information or referrals to this study, please contact Julia at 401-456-2526 or visit www.clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT01842503.