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Diagnostic Imaging

Your health is rarely in the hands of a single medical professional. It takes a team collaboratively focused on positive outcomes. Diagnostic imaging plays a critical role in giving physicians a clearer idea of what is going on inside your body to determine the best course of treatment.

Many medical conditions and ailments are only visible with the use of advanced tools. Diagnostic scans help doctors detect tumors and other medical abnormalities. The Diagnostic Imaging Department at Roger Williams is known for the high quality of both our staff and the images we deliver. The quality of our work is confirmed by accreditations from organizations like the American College of Radiology.

Accuracy is important to you; it is one of our hallmarks. Using the latest tools, our experienced team works to ensure tests are performed efficiently with accurate results. The Diagnostic Imaging Department provides a full range of high quality medical imaging services including Radiology, Mammography, Ultrasound, MRI, Interventional Radiology, CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine (including cardiac, diagnostic & therapeutic), Vascular Laboratory, and PET (through RI PET, LLC).

Our Diagnostic Imaging Center combines high resolution imaging and fast scanning times with a wider, more open unit design. That means you feel less confined and more comfortable during the testing. We offer 24-hour result turnaround time, same day scheduling, and evening appointments.

Our team is committed to working with your health care providers by providing the clearest, most accurate diagnostic results.