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Geriatric Psychiatry

Geriatric psychiatry is a specialized branch of psychiatry devoted to seniors and the mental and emotional conditions typically found in the elderly. Practitioners are psychiatrists who have taken extra training devoted to recognizing the problems of old age and in counseling and treating these conditions.

Geriatric psychiatrists may treat problems that range from emotional problems caused by loneliness to medication addiction to mental impairments caused by stroke. They may also work with the families of patients, and offer counsel in coping with stressful or demanding living situations, as is the case when a family must care for a parent suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

Not only are some of the best geriatric psychiatrists in New England associated with Roger Williams Medical Center, we also have a hospital unit dedicated to caring for elderly patients with mental and/or emotional disorders associated with advancing age.

For help finding or scheduling an appointment with a geriatric psychiatrist, please use our Physician Finder.