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Inpatient Hospital Care

Older hospital patients require a different type – and sometimes a different level – of care. That is why almost 10 years ago, Roger Williams started on its journey as a NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders) hospital. NICHE is the leading nurse driven program designed to help hospitals improve the care of older adults.

Our NICHE units have been renovated to improve where elders receive care while utilizing proven research in the delivery of exemplary care. These units feature private rooms and innovations like a three-bed delirium room where older patients with confusion or delirium can receive care in a safe, specially-designed environment.

These elder-focused units provide inpatient care for people with a variety of diagnosis including pneumonia, CHF, COPD, multi-system problems, and chronic disease in a predominantly elderly population. Services include:

  • Care for cerebral vascular accident (CVA) patients, both for newly diagnosed stroke patients and those requiring ongoing disease management.
  • Care for diabetic patients, both for newly diagnosed patients and those requiring ongoing disease management.

Most importantly, older patients are in the hands of a team specially trained in elder care. And by choosing Roger Williams, you have access to a wide range of elder-focused medical services, some of which are only available in our system.