Elder Care at Roger Williams Medical Center


at Roger Williams Medical Center

Elder Care

America is aging. With that comes a growing need for health care services that help older adults continue to feel good and lead active, independent lives. Today, through our ContinuCare offices in senior centers and living complexes throughout the state, seniors have access to primary care physicians who sub-specialize in gerontology, the study of health issues related to aging.

Beyond wellness care, we've established an extensive network to provide for seniors' medical needs from the hospital to home, including a specialized inpatient geriatric unit serving as a safe haven for seniors with mental illness.

For more information about Home Care, please call (401) 456-2273

Senior-friendly Emergency Departments
CharterCARE Health Partners and its two affiliates -- Roger Williams Medical Center and Fatima Hospital -- are the first to introduce senior-friendly Emergency Departments to Rhode Island.

In 2011, Roger Williams Medical Center was re-credentialed as a NICHE (Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders) hospital, confirming the hospital's commitment to providing excellent care to older patients.

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