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Gautam K. Sahu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine
HIV Biology and Persistence Laboratory


E-mails: gsahu@chartercare.org; gsahu@bu.edu
Phone: (401) 456-2000, ext- 8987


PhD – Calcutta University, India.
Postdoctoral – University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Research Areas

HIV-1 Latency, Reservoirs, and Residual Viremia during ART

Research Interests

Dr. Sahu’s laboratory focuses on understanding the mechanisms of how HIV goes into latency in CD4+ T- cells in infected individuals, how infected T cells undergo clonal expansion, and how the virus persistently copies itself in the body, even in the face of suppressive antiretroviral therapy. Current laboratory studies attempt to develop a primary T-cell model of HIV reservoir cell expansion and find ways to target persistent reservoirs for elimination.


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