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Psychiatry is the branch of medicine devoted to mental, emotional and behavioral health. Its practitioners are both psychologists and medical

doctors who can offer counseling therapy as well as prescribe medications and/or other types of therapy.

Psychiatrists work with patients on a range of problems such as habitual behaviors and irrational fears that limit a person's ability to function fully. They may work on emotional problems such as when a patient cannot break out of a depression brought on a by the death of a loved one. They also treat psychotic conditions such as manic depression, schizophrenia and paranoia.

Particularly as individuals pass the age of 65, there can be heightened need for psychiatrists who specialize in issues related to aging; memory disorders, depression, hallucinations. At Roger Williams Medical Center, our geriatric psychiatry program and inpatient unit provide a safe haven for the elderly who suffer from both mental illness and ongoing medical problems. Individualized care is administered by an interdisciplinary team that includes a:

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