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Our seminar is now online!

An excellent way to start your new life with weight loss surgery is to attend one of our free monthly informational seminars at Roger Williams Medical Center.

In these monthly seminars, Dr. Dieter Pohl and his colleagues explain everything that you need to know about weight loss surgery. He will explain the various surgical options, share videos that detail how surgery is performed, explain how much weight a person can lose and what the risks are. He will guide you through the process of what happens before, during and after your weight loss surgery.

And most important of all, Dr. Pohl will answer all your questions.

Informational Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Location:  Roger Williams Medical Center
in Kay Auditorium
Time:         2nd Wednesday of the month (with the exception of the July 19 seminar)
                    6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

2017 Schedule:

Sign-up is not required. Feel free to bring your spouses/partners/support.

Register for a Seminar Now

Before you can make an office appointment with Dr. Pohl for weight loss surgery you have to attend an informational seminar.

Dr. Pohl offers these every second Wednesday of the month.

Please plan on staying the whole time because attendance sheets will be handed out at the end and the office secretaries need those to make an appointment in the office.

The day following the seminar you can call the office of Dr. Pohl for an appointment.